I have had Beswick around me all my life as mum collected from a girl. We started going to Beswick Collectors Club meetings when I was about eight and from that day I was hooked and really the rest as they say is history. I decided I wanted to collect something of my own and settled on cats, which grew to a total of 44. My knowledge is now extensive but I would never have got this far without being a member of The Beswick Collectors Club. The help, advice and information I have gained from fellow members is priceless not to mention the rare pieces I have picked up at meetings.

If you also have an interest in Beswick why not come along and see what its all about. You will make friends that will last a lifetime and you may find a piece for your collection as well.

 I look forward to speaking to you soon, for further information go to our contacts page. 




 Beswick came to prominence during the mid to late 1980’s when Royal Doulton allowed access to the very basic records which they held.

Information from the pattern books and price lists going back to 1960 enabled accurate lists to be prepared and published in a book in 1987.

 The interest generated was sufficient for a Beswick Collectors Circle to be formed and membership  was quickly up into four figures worldwide. Regular meetings were held, initially in members homes, but later in community halls. An excellent magazine was started and this listed members sales and wants together with articles and information on new products. After ten years the magazine was discontinued and became part of the       “ Collecting Doulton Magazine” where it remains to this day as “Collecting Doulton and Beswick”

 The amount of information now available to collectors is second to none and it is possible to answer practically any question about Beswick.



Welcome to the fascinating world of collecting Beswick. Interest at the present time is at an all time high and it is our intention to bring to you as much information as possible to enable you to get more pleasure from you hobby. Post your questions on this site and I am sure that someone will be able to help you.013

The Beswick Collectors Club hold several meetings a year, in different locations these meetings include a brief update on beswick news a lunch and raffle. And usualy  a dozen or more sales tables at which only Beswick models are sold. There is also a place for members to display rare items,

If you would like to become a member and attend a meeting please go to our contacts page.

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